P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC holds its 12th Organ Donor Felicitation Programme for Organ Donors


- More than 35 organ donors and their families were felicitated during the event

D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre’s Nephrology department organized its 12th Organ Donor Felicitation Programme to honor and express their shared gratitude towards organ donors and their families. Through this event, P.D. Hinduja Hospital aims to increase awareness about organ donation amongst citizens so as to close the gap between the demand and supply of life-saving organs. Present at the event were Guests of Honor- Ms. Dia Mirza (Bollywood actor), Mr. Swanand Kirkire (lyricist), Ms. Neelambari Kirkire (singer) and Mr. Shantanu Moitra (music composer) who felicitated more than 35 donors and their family members for the selfless act.


Mr. Gautam Khanna, CEO, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC said, “I would like to share my admiration and gratitude with the organ donors and their families present here and reiterate the important role that they are playing in creating awareness amongst people. An organ transplant means a second chance at life, allowing many recipients to return to a normal lifestyle. This programme aims to bring about a positive change to the current transplant scenario by inspiring people to opt for organ donation after death and bridge the gap between need and availability of organs. It is important for the hospitals to motivate people to donate organs as well as to understand the value of organ donation in the life of an individual. 

Dr. Alan AlmeidaHead of Department, Nephrology, and P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC said, “We are extremely proud of every courageous donor and their family that has participated in the noble act of donating their organs. They have their own stories but they understand that there is a bigger picture with many others waiting and their impact has been extremely positive in increasing the number of organ donor requests and in doing so, increasing the hope of those awaiting the call for a transplant. As a devoted hospital, we will continue to work hard towards bridging the existent gap and need for organ donors and donations.” 

Guest of Honor Dia Mirza, Actress and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador India said, “I am extremely grateful to be part of this occasion and congratulate each and every organ donor and their families present here for making this wonderful life-changing choice. The miracle of life is one that we value and appreciate when we have it and it is only when we see life being challenged in the ones we love around us, that we recognize what a blessing it is. I think it is very important for us as a society to embrace the idea that organ donation is a right that each one of us must exercise.”

As part of their aim of creating awareness amongst people, P. D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC has implemented a strong internal process to educate and counsel patients, donors and family members about transplant procedures, along with care one must implement at each stage by both the patient and the donor post the transplant.

The programme also provided a platform to a few donors and recipients to share their experiences with the audience and help build courage for potential donors.


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