GNH provides medicinal aid to conflict zone Somalia


India’s global source for priority medicines, GNH India has successfully delivered  a not for profit consignment of 8 basic medicines to Somalia. Even though under a US Trade sanction, GNH chose to put humanity before profit to ensure that at least rudimentary medical aid reached those who needed it the most; irrespective of geographical boundaries or political conflict.


Somalia is a war torn country and ranks 55.7 under life expectancy category in Human Development Index. Its population lacks basic amenities and medicines due to decades of conflict. In response to this massive deficit, a Somalia based pharmaceutical company approached GNH India to provide medicinal aid for drugs such as antibiotics, dietary supplements for infants, Multi-vitamins, minerals and trace Elements, pain killers and general anesthetics.

Dr. Piyush Gupta, Associate Director, GNH India-“Upon knowing the situation in Somalia and the medicines needed, there was no way we could not help out. Putting profit aside and knowing fully well, that Somalia is a tough market to do business in, GNH India ensured that the consignment reached the destination at minimum cost. There are times when humanity trumps profit and for us, there was no better opportunity than this one”

The Managing Director of Somalia based pharmaceutical company said – “My country is under serious distress; not just politically, but socially and economically as well. My mission upon reaching India was to find a wholesaler willing to hear my cause. Dr. Gupta obliged and took it upon himself to ensure that the consignment reached us on time. We have also discussed further trade relations with GNH India,”

After delivering 89,500 packages of drugs for worth US Dollar 27,785 to Somalia, GNH has taken this project as its core responsibility and have lined up a subsequent shipment of multi- Vitamins antibiotics and pain killer drugs to aid the country.

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