Walk with the Doc: Leap towards a healthy heart


Doctors urge residents to walk regularly and reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle

With a mission to encourage healthy physical activities that will help to reverse the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle; Dr Bipeenchandra Bhamre, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon at Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre is focusing on improving the health and well-being of the society at large with Walk with a Doc. On December 3rd, Doctor visited Marine Drive and took a walk with around 250 participants till NCPA end of the boulevard.


On Sunday, around 250 people gathered at the boulevard near NCPA at around 7am, Dr Bipeenchandra Bhamre and Dr Ashish Contractor Head of Department- Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Sir H N Reliance Foundation shared the importance of regular exercise like walking or running while the participants continued with their warm up sessions. Post  45 minutes walk or run based on everyone’s age and stamina, the participants were served water and some energy drinks. A few minutes were spent in discussions, after the walk.

“Let us take a leap towards a healthy heart through walk with the doc. Our heart continues to pump blood and supply nutrition to our body, it’s like a workhorse. Even the slightest change in our lifestyle can help prevent, improve or in few cases reverse heart diseases. Ensuring a healthy heart is easy, just go for walks daily, eat healthy and get enough sleep for a blessed life sans heart diseases,” said Dr Bhamre.

With the motive to take a step towards better health, this unique walking movement has helped many to improve their health. Close to 70 heart patients along with residents and some healthy people were part of the walk.

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