Cellular therapy helps 11 year old paralysed girl’s speech and stance


Bhopal residents, Yasha Dave and Amit Dave had a normal child, Purvasha Dave, with no history of distress before, during or after birth. But, they started noticing delayed milestones after 3rd month along with recurring fever. They consulted many doctors and Purvasha underwent a battery of tests, however she was never diagnosed with any abnormality. At 11 months of age she suddenly fell down and suffered a stroke. She was diagnosed with cerebral infarct, which means that there was a clot in her brain that led to left sided paralysis. Her doctors advised routine physiotherapy after her course at the hospital where she was managed conservatively with medications. Gradually, improvement in muscle function was observed.IMG_6678

Two months prior to her 2nd birthday, Purvasha sustained yet another fall from her bed and fell on her head. This time she was completely bed ridden and was hospitalized immediately. She has been on regular physiotherapy for 3 hours every day ever since. Some improvement was noticed in her overall condition, however, Purvasha failed to recover completely. Grasping objects was possible only with her right hand, though her grasp was not strong. Mild intellectual disability was noticed. Slow learning and similar writing speed was observed. Muscle wasting was noticed in lower limbs making it difficult for her to stand and she would lose balance. Purvasha also found it difficult to sit for long periods of time.

“When Purvasha visited us, she was unable to sit properly, speech was not clear and had deformity in knees and hands. Her family was looking for permanent improvement and with the aim to make her independent we adopted cellular therapy. These cells have the capacity of self-renewal giving rise to differentiated cells from various lineages,” said Dr Pradeep Mahajan, StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Cellular therapy has been shown to reduce the size of infarcts and improve functional outcomes in victims with cerebral infarcts. Over a period of 20 days Purvasha went through 2 sessions of cell based therapy at StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She is also under intensive rehabilitation programme comprising of physiotherapy and allied therapeutic modalities.

“Purvasha is now able to stand with support of splint without buckling of knees. Improvement in hand grasp is noticed. Post cell based therapy she is now able to speak 5-6 sentences clearly at a time and does not stammer much. Reduced spasticity and improved muscle strength is also noticed,” added Dr Mahajan.

Yasha Dave, Mother of Purvasha, said, “Our daughter was a very normal child when she was born, we did not notice or experience any kind of abnormalities but as she was growing there were many health related issues and we had to take her to various doctors for a solution. After being completely paralysed, we were providing her with regular physiotherapy but were not satisfied with the results. This was when we noticed in a newspaper write up about cellular therapy and came to Mumbai.”

“The improvement that we noticed within 20 days has been a ray of hope. Our daughter is able to sit properly and stand with the help of support. Her speech has also improved drastically and she is talking continuously now,” added an elated Yasha Dave.


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