Summers see a 20% rise in number of health care services at home


Track the care given to your aged parents even on a vacation through their app

Planning a vacation? But have aged parents at home, do not worry about their care as there are various services available on our fingertips for the elderly. With the availability of proper medical care and support, family members are now enjoying vacations, without any worries. This has led to a 20% rise in the number of people relying on home health care services during

With the provision of clinical as well as non-clinical services, Nightingales, a specialist at home health services are making it easier for families to have their space. “During summers, we have seen a notable rise of 20% requirements for care as many plans to go on a vacation during this period. We provide 24×7 professional care inclusive of medical and non-medical facilities,” said  Kiran Joshi, regional head, Nightingales.

“During the summer season, people usually request for a month of care provider, beginning a few days before they go on a vacation and during the vacation. Initially, the caregiver is able to understand the daily activities and lifestyle of the patient and the elderly also learns to adapt to the new caregiver. Once the family members go on a vacation, we have an app that helps you keep a track on the daily activities including administering proper medication. The app is also monitored by our branch head and we also make surprise visits and checks to ensure everything is under proper care and control, Maintaining basic hygiene and taking the patient out for a walk or reading out to them. These are basic facilities offered during healthcare to elderly who are not undergoing any chronic disease,” added Joshi

For bedridden patients, especially those with chronic medical problems a support system that offers IV therapy stands, oxygen concentrator, ventilator and a bed with facilities that are offered in a hospital shall be made available within the comforts of home. “We have qualified nurses to provide timely medication and monitor the health. General Physician makes visits to keep a check, we have had instances where the nursing care deployed for 24 hrs has been requested to go along with the family on a vacation,” added Joshi.


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