An initiative focused towards educating Indian personnel on ways to tackle depression, a Bangalore based online counseling and emotional wellness platform recently concluded a Counseling session in Bangalore for 500 Indian army men on this year’s World Health Day theme ‘Depression: Let’s Talk’. The session was a part of the company’s efforts towards helping the larger Indian army community deal with emotional challenges and depression due to leading a stressful and tough life.YOURDOST-com

Indian army men lead a tough life, not only guarding our national borders but also fighting challenging hostile weather conditions. Further, they spend majority of their time away from family and loved ones, making it mentally exhausting. Often, a lot of personnel are faced with the challenge of depression anddont know the how to cope with it. To help address this challenge, Arpita Anand, a Clinical Psychologist along with Ms. Preetha Ajit, Senior Counselor,, conducted a session to make jawans aware of depression, symptoms and causes, risk factors and how to protect oneself from depression.

Commenting on this occasion, Richa Singh, Co-Founder CEO, said,“Serving the nation is a huge responsibility and our armed forces take it on themselves to protect us with their own lives. More often than not, they stay away from their families in remote areas and it is quite natural that depression can slowly creep into their lives. Through this session, we wanted them to be aware of depression as mental health issue and seek out help whenever they feel the need for it. We hope that we have created a difference in their lives and a person going through depression can proactively seek help”

The event touched upon all key aspects of how one can deal with depression and was an extremely interactive involving engaging activities. The audience actively participated in the event – sharing their own anecdotes about the struggle of military life, nuggets of wisdom and even entertaining the gathering with their soulful melodies.

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