Compulsory Medical Examination Card for Women Containing Data on Check-up for Breast , Ovary , TB and Anaemia


Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in collaboration with Breast Imaging Society (India) , today organised a “Breast Cancer Awareness Program” . On this occasion Union Minister for Women & Child Development, Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi was the chief guest . Mr. Ashok Chandra, Chairman, Trust Society, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Dr. S.P. Byotra, Vice Chairman, Board of Management, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital were the guests of honour . . Brig. (Dr.) Chander Mohan, President, Breast Imaging Society (India) and Dr. Bipin Batra, Executive Director NBE also addressed the gathering .Maneka-Gandhi

Speaking on the occasion Ms Gandhi said , “ I have a strong feeling for prevention of Breast Cancer as my mother suffered and expired due to this disease . It was diagnosed at a late stage . Today , early detection by various techniques including self examinations goes a long way in preventing this disease . Research should be undertaken whether there is a link between diet and milk  with breast cancer . Healthy lifestyle  and avoiding alcohol & smoking goes a long way in prevention of breast cancer.   Since women are either scared or are prevented for medical examinations , my ministry has recommended four areas for Compulsory Medical Examination Card for Indian Women,  which will contain  data on check-up for Breast , Ovary , TB and Anaemia .Also , my ministry is working on making a film on early detection and prevention of breast cancer   I hope this will help in early detection and prevention of Breast Cancer  in women. “

On this occasion, Dr Bipin Batra, Executive Director , National Board of Examinations ,  made an important announcement regarding start of a Breast Imaging fellowship in India under National Board of Examinations.

According to Dr Madhavi Chandra , Sr Consultant , Department of Radiology , SGRH , “In India breast cancer is the leading cancer amongst all populations with 1.5 lakh new cases diagnosed every year and approximately 75 thousand deaths per year. It is the leading cause of cancer in urban areas making up 15-25% of cancer in women. The National Health Policy, 2017, in its non communicable diseases section envisages screening for breast cancer for one of its thrust areas.”

As per WHO 5 years survival after breast cancer in less developed countries  is 60% whereas in developed countries its 86 -90%. This according to them is due to lack of awareness about screening and also inadequate treatment facility. In multiple studies across the world it has been proved that regular screening with mammography reduces death due to breast cancer by 20-30 %. This awareness program  aims at increasing awareness about early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is deeply committed to its social responsibility since it is not a for-profit hospital and treats a large number of patients in its outpatient department as well as inpatients for free. Continuing in this vein we have organized this awareness event where people will be informed about why it is important to screen, myths about breast cancer will be dispelled and the women will be encouraged to spread this message further. The main theme of the event is “Each One Reach One”, i.e. the women who learn about screening should spread the message in society.

At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital we are equipped with 3-D Mammography (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis) which is the State of the Art Mammography machine available to detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. At this stage it is possible to operate out just the cancer without removing the whole of the breast and save most of a woman’s breast. Added to this, the chances of survival are maximised. In this event Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is also offering coupons to all eligible attending women for a free 3-D Mammogram.

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