Nurturey , An Intelligent Personal Assistant For Parents


The idea of creating Nurturey was born when Tushar Srivastava, Founder of Nurturey, became a parent himself and he had a vision to enable parents to hire their own personal assistant that can manage the boring organization tasks and guide the family along the parenting journey.

Incepted in April 2014 and headquartered in London, UK, Nurturey operates as a skilled Personal Assistant and is the only comprehensive solution supporting parents from pregnancy to early years of parenting.

An MBA from University of Oxford and B.Tech from IIT, BHU, Tushar Srivastava,  has a professional qualification in Corporate Finance from UK Securities Investment Institute. Tushar in an email interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Health

Please tell us something about Nurturey, its concept and journey so far.

Nurturey’s journey so far:

1) We have raised nearly 750,000 USD (approx.. INR 5 crore) in Angel Investment.

2) We launched our iPhone app in May’16 (globally and in India).

3) We launched our Android app in Aug’16 (globally and in India).

4) We launched desktop webapp version last year (globally and in India)..

5) We are getting users/downloads from all our key markets, India, US and UK. We plan to further push into other markets at a later stage.

6) We have a buzzing and engaged FB fan base of nearly 120,000 parents globally (over 75,000 in India).

7) We run an engaging blog page as well,We have had more than 2 million visits from 125K+ unique users, thus far.

What are the different features that you offer? How it is convenient for parents to use?

Nurturey is an intelligent personal assistant for parents.

Imagine – what if parents could hire their own PA that can support them in their journey from pregnancy to early years of parenting?

We, at Nurturey, are leveraging technologies such as AI and Data Science to build this intelligent digital person. Our mission is to bring millions of hours worth of parenting experience to parents’ fingertips.

As the one-stop companion for parents, Nurturey’s PA offers a range of tools that will improve parents’ efficiency and effectiveness by managing the boring and tedious tasks – managing information, resources, activities, memories – basically their lives around kids- in one place. Parents can actiavate tools as per their multi-dimensional and ever-changing needs throughout their parental journey.

How do you see adoption of technology among schools and parents?

Adoption of technology has been rapid among schools, as education itself has emerge as a competitive service offering. However, the key bottleneck is the adoption by teachers/staff. It’s possible to have technology available in school, but its much more difficult to train teacher in using fast changing products, and get teacher engagement with tech products to drive effective results.

What are the challenges you have faced till now?

Keeping pace with technology:

I believe the biggest challenge is the rapidly changing technology. It is imperative for us to keep pace with the technology and provide the best proposition and experience to our customers.

Finding talent:

Finding the right talent is a key problem. It’s a strange problem to have when we have so many youngsters coming out of educational institutions – but the problem exists because technology is changing very rapidly, and hence, the skill set requirements. By the time one learns a given technology/skill, it is already at the verge of becoming obsolete.

It’s a problem for today’s youth as well – as they need to change/upgrade their skills very frequentlyand it is not an easy job.

Cybercrime? How you are dealing with that.

Fighting cybercrime is an ongoing effort. We manage and mitigate the risk by following the best practises and security principles. In case of Nurturey, we follow EU data protection and security principles. We also monitor our security procedures regularly.

How you are planning to reach tier II and tier III cities in the country?

We market the product through variety of online channels, including FaceBook.With over 120,000 fans and more than 1million people reach every week (many of them in tier ii and iii cities), we are effectively able to reach and acquire such users.

What do you think Gov should do for aiding the adoption of technology?

High speed Broadband, i.e. optical fibre coverage is perhaps the single most important step in this direction. Most of the technology, including health and education, and related solution are internet based (cloud, services, information etc.). Without a robust and rapid broadband infractructure, adoption will not increase.


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