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Xcode partners with Medall to offer genetic testing for prevention of Diabetes, Heart diseases and Hypertension


As part of Medall’s Master Health Check, Xcode will provide a non-invasive genetic testing package along with blood tests, priced at a discounted rate of Rs. 4900

Xcode Life Sciences, a global genomics company, today announced its partnership with Medall, a leading provider of diagnostic testing services where the company will offer non-invasive general and targeted genetic testing packages. These include:Xcode-partners-with-Medall

  • General Tests: Predisposition to Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension which will be complimentary to Medall’s Master Health Check
  • Targeted Tests: Nutritional genetics to screen for important mutations in genes such as FADS1 (Omega levels), MTHFR (Vitamin B12),Apolipoprotein E (Heart disease), TCF7L2 (Diabetes Type 2), MCM6(Lactose intolerance) and HLA-DQ (Gluten Intolerance) among others

Full gene sequencing services for specific genes are also available at affordable prices upon physician’s prescription.

Xcode and Medall have worked towards developing a customized genetic panel which would be a part of the Master Health package that would help in identifying genetic risk factors linked to manifestation of Diabetes, Obesity & Hypertension. Moreover, the service which generally costs more than Rs. 10,000/- in the market would be priced at less than Rs.5,000/-.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Saleem Mohammed, Founder & CEO, and Dr. Abdur Rub, Co-founder, Xcode Life Sciences, said, “We believe that developments in technology lead to better healthcare management. Genetic testing is a new and important tool that is now available to physicians and individuals to help them get a better understanding of their health to manage it better. A major advantage of genetic testing is that, unlike routine blood testing, it does not have to be repeated on a regular basis. Instead, physicians and patients have the power to take sound decisions together to arrive at healthier choices.”

A leader in the field of diagnostic testing, Medall has built a premium brand both in rural and urban areas across 8 states; this therefore enables their technology to be easily accessible in a wide geography. Moreover, the company is known to offer high quality services that has touched the lives of over 20 million people so far; this would add further value to the partnership.

“Medall’s position as a market leader in the field of diagnostic services, along with its reach in rural and urban areas-across 8 states-enables technology to be accessible to all segments of society”, Raju Venkatraman, MD & CEO, Medall Diagnostics said.

“We constantly add new tests to our offerings and we are excited to add the latest in genetic testing to our array of services in partnership with Xcode. We feel that genetics-based advice will help our customers by providing actionable insights that will help in preventing lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and hypertension to name a few”, added Venkatraman.


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