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HemoCue, in association with Embassy of Sweden, launches world’s first real-time anemia monitoring system



  • HemoCue HealthTrender Anemia (HTA) to make real-time data collation, interpretation and analysis possible
  • HTA will also enable real-time monitoring of anemia screening and treatment programmes run by the Ministry of Health, GOI; expected to considerably increase efficiency
  • Hemocue, the world leader in point-of-care testing devices, runs anemia screening programmes worldwide.
  • India chosen for launch of ground-breaking technology due to its high anemia prevalence rate, which is among the highest in the world

HemoCue, the global leader in point-of-care diagnostics, launched HemoCue HealthTrender Anemia, the new-age anemia screening and monitoring systemat an event held on November 30, 2016 at Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi. The event was graced by important stakeholders including policy makers, government officials,bureaucrats, health administrators,public health experts,doctors and media persons.anemia-monitoring-system

Speaking at the event,Dr. Ajay Khera, Deputy Commissioner, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, emphasized on the need of technological interventions to support and strengthen government efforts to eradicate anaemia. He says, “Anaemia has become a burgeoning health concern not just in India but across the world. The Government of India acknowledges the urgency of the situation and is committed to battle out the epidemic.

He adds, “While we are doing our best, we face formidable challenge, especially vis-à-vis quick and reliable diagnosis of anaemia.Technology-based interventions can deliver fast results in terms of speedy and accurate screening as well as data collation.

Affecting over half of all Indian women, a fourth of all men, 79% of children aged 6–59 months and causing 20 per cent maternal deaths, anemia presents a formidable public health challenge. Seeing the magnitude of the problem, there is a dire need to take urgent steps to ensure anemia is diagnosed in time and treatment measures instituted promptly.

Early and accurate diagnosis can playa key role inimproving treatment outcomes in anaemia. Employing detection methods that are fast, accurate and reliable promises to be a significant step forward in meeting the challenge anaemia poses.Moreover, manual collation of data associated with these methods takes months and is error-prone, which in turn means that anaemia management policies often have to be based on either insufficient or unreliable data.

Talking about anaemia screening, Bjorn Christ, President – HemoCue AB adds, “To diagnose anaemia and make early crucial decisions related to managing anaemia in patients and to monitor response to therapy, haemoglobin measurement remains the prime focus. And that is where HemoCue can make a difference with its technology-enabled products. We have been able to achieve great results in other countries as well. Continuing with our mission of improving lives through innovation, we have developed HemoCue® HealthTrender, an innovative system that ensures optimal usage of resources to secure maximum outcome of healthcare program.

HemoCue HealthTrender Anemia is an innovative device that when integrated with community health programs, especially in rural areas, can help address the issues of delayed and incorrect diagnosis. We strongly believe that the real time data that it helps generate and analyze can be instrumental for decision makers to create policies around anemia management,” adds Deepak Sharma, Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific, HemoCue

Numbers reveal that the physical and cognitive losses due to iron deficiency have a significant effect on the Gross Domestic Product – in some developing countries up to as much as 4 percent.

The Government of India is relentlessly involved incarrying out programs to fight anemia. Many of the programs are executed by village clinics, healthcare centers and NGOs in rural areas under harsh conditions with limited access to electricity, pure water combined with a poor infrastructure.

Under these conditions it becomes virtually impossible to collect data, to review, act or evaluate the programs in a timely and effective way; something that has been requested for a long time but never adequately solved.

HemoCue HealthTrender Anemia is a cloud-based solution can help overcome these challenges as it offers immediate insight using real-time data captured from the HemoCue Hb201+ analyzer in the field. A stream of data over time can help policymakers manoeuver the direction of programmes and also facilitate consistent monitoring of hemoglobin levels in the target groups.

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