Video-EEG, gives a New Lease of Life


A 24 years young lady, graduate working in a MNC was having a peculiar problem for last 12 years. Almost every night was a big nightmare for her as she was getting some symptoms in the sleep. She will have some uneasiness in the body especially in the legs and then had to get up form sleep and will be speaking something irrelevant. She will lose her responsiveness and will speak something which was not under control. Though her daytime was perfectly fine. She was hard-working and was able to manage household activity. She got disturbed due to this and had to quit her job. Family was very much concerned about this issue as they were planning for her marriage. It was not possible for them to marry her with this

They tried various remedies. Somebody told them about some supernatural power etc and tried some jaadu-tona but had no relief. Then she was seen by doctors and tried various remedies but had no relief. She was also given some psychological counseling and medications but unfortunately that also didn’t help. It was seen by neurologist, and was given some medicines for epilepsy which again had no impact on this problem.

She underwent various investigations including MRI brain to study for any abnormality in the brain but that was perfectly normal. She also underwent brain mapping by EEG (a test to study brain waves) but that was also normal. Everyone was helpless in treating her.

At this stage she was advised by Dr. Atma Ram Bansal,Neurologist & Epileptologist, Medanta-The Medicity for a test known as Video-EEG. This test is basically to record the patient’s attacks in a video and to see the ongoing changes in EEG during that period. She was evaluated by V-EEG. She had multiple such attacks in one night itself. By analyzing video and EEG she was diagnosed to have a special type of epilepsy known as frontal lobe epilepsy.

Frontal lobe epilepsy is a type of epilepsy in which some patient will have symptoms only during sleep. These people may have perfectly normal day and only episodes during sleep. So after proper diagnosis she was given optimal treatment and then she had dramatic improvement. Now she is enjoying her life with no such events.


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