The Madras Medical Mission collaborates with MedGenome to set up Genomic Centre


The Madras Medical Mission and MedGenome, a genomics based diagnostics and research company, have collaborated to set up a state-of-the art genomic laboratory that will serve for all clinical and diagnostic research purposes at the hospital premises.madras-medical-mission-nov-17

It will be a one of a kind facility for genetic testing and counselling for various diseases including cardiac, oncology, neurology, nephrology, diabetes, dermatology, haematology, connective tissue and metabolic disorders. In addition to these, non-invasive prenatal test will also be available which will help the would-be parents to know about the genetic health of their baby from a simple blood prick from the mother. The facility is set up with the aim to help patients and families to know the genetic causative factors for disease conditions and hence guide their clinicians in better diagnosis, treatment and management.

“We are only cardiovascular hospital based centre in Chennai to provide such genomic services and hope the benefit will be reaped by the public in the days to come,” said Dr. Mullasari Ajit S, Director- Cardiology, MMM.

The research and diagnostic lab will offer Next-Generation Sequencing based genomic solutions to provide insights into complex diseases at the genetic and molecular level which will cover Exome Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, and Panel Sequencing.

According to Sam Santhosh, Chairman, MedGenome, India accounts 20% of the global burden of genetic disorders hence there is an urgent need for genomic solutions to cater the needs of the public. The centre is in alignment with our objective of providing advanced genetic testing access to the population at an affordable price. ”

Early this year, MedGenome had teamed up with Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (KCHRC) to open a molecular genetics laboratory at Goraj, Gujarat, he added.

MedGenome is gearing up to improve global health by decoding the genetic information contained in an individual’s genome. It offers genomics solutions in cancer immunotherapy and diabetes and works with various commercial and academic researchers globally on genomic research projects. It is also a founding member of GenomeAsia 100K initiative to sequence 100,000 genomes in South, North and East Asia.

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