1st National Conference on GITA = Global Initiative on Tobacco Awareness


It was a cheering time for the organizers of the 1st National Conference on ‘Global  Initiative on Tobacco Awareness’  (GITA).  Total registration till 8th October morning was 730.  It was a unique conference organized by Brahma Kumaris with a varied range of participants  like ‘senior school students’,  ‘college students’, ‘Teachers & Principals’, ‘NGO activists’

The speakers also participated with keen interest,  authorities like  Dattatray Padsalgikar, Commissioner of Police, Mumbai mentioned that to counter the spread of Tobacco , taking action on illegal suppliers of  banned products like tobacco in the vicinity of  Educational Institutions is our first priority, as a responsible citizen he also advised best way for prevention of tobacco addiction is to listen the inner voice.

Dr Ashok Mehta an eminent Oncology surgeon of Global Hospital & Research Center, Andheri,(managed by Brahma Kumaris) mentioned that earlier the stress  levels faced by man at the age of 40-50 yrs, is being faced today at the age of 20-30, as a result the addiction has become more prone,  the time has come to wake up for countering this monster from spreading otherwise this would prove to be the biggest disaster in near future.

Madhoo, well known film actress & also a social activist on anti-tobacco campaign, has shown her presence and  shared her thoughts that candidate  should have courage on himself and should get love, compassion & support from close one & family members instead of they giving punishment.

Cricketer Ajinkya Rane & Marathi Film actor Siddharth Jadhav  also contributed to the conference by sending a motivational message thru video clip.

Dr Deepak of Cooper Hospital touched the spiritual part by saying ‘सोच को बदलो, स्वयं बदल जाओगे’

Dr. L.Swasthicharan, Chief Medical Officer, Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, & family welfare, Govt of India New Delhi  a highly responsible authority shared his views that awareness about not to start & awareness to quit the addiction will  play a vital role in Anti Tobacco campaign for this conviction in one’s heart is necessary.

Dr Sachin Parab, Project Director of GITA said that our top priority should be to save school & college students from various addictions by empowering them thru Value Education which is primary goal of GITA.

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