Paras Hospital, Organizes Special Camp for 70 Village Sarpanches of Sohna

  • Paras Hospital, Gurgaon, provided free treatment to village leadership from 70 villages in Sohna
  • The hospital launched Privilege Cards for villagers, to offer discounts on OPD and IPD care and services
  • The camps announce placement of ambulance for easy reach to hospital for the villagers
  • At the request of the leaders, the hospital is talking to health insurance companies for tailor-made

In an effort to support healthcare at the rural level, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon, has undertaken a series of measures. Sarpanches of 60 villages were invited to the hospital and given free medical check-ups. They were also offered basic complimentary tests (complete blood cell, creatinine, lipid profile, HBA1c , among others) so that they could monitor their health better. They were also given an introduction to tertiary care and its benefits.Paras-Hospital-Sarpanches

“We, at the hospital were delighted to host the Sarpanches and engage in meaningful dialogue with them. While we had been in touch with these village leaders, inviting them to see and engage with the facility was a different experience. We now understand not just their medical challenges, but also the social challenges in the access to medicare. We will do everything to bridge that gap,” said Dr Jatinder Kumar, Medical Director, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon.

The hospital launched it Privilege Card exclusively for all families of the villages in Sohna. Holders can avail themselves of special discounts on OPD and IPD from the hospital. This helps families, especially the most vulnerable sections of society, women, children and older adults, get access to the best possible healthcare at the most affordable cost.

“We were happy to have our best doctors—Dr Tapan Ghose, HOD Cardiology; Dr Vivek Logani, Chief Joint Replacement Surgery;  Dr Anurag Khaitan, Senior Consultant Cardiology—answer their doubts both about personal and public health. Since tests were conducted, we got the opportunity to explain a few medical concepts to them, so that they would take the message of preventive health back with them, to their families and communities,” said Dr Neeraj Bhisnoi, Facility Director, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon.

During the camp, the hospital also announced the placement of an ambulance on Ghata road, to provide easy access and reach to the hospital, for all the villages in Sohna. Currently, many villagers suffer during the journey to the hospital, their condition often deteriorating. They may even succumb before they reach the hospital.

Post the awareness drive and efforts, the hospital has planned to initiate Basic Life Saving (BLS) activities in these villages, to train the villagers with basic techniques that are helpful in saving lives during a sudden medical emergency like a heart attack or stroke.

“We are very happy that Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon, has taken up this initiative. By all that they have done, we will not only create awareness in the villages, but will also be able to reach the hospital in time, when an emergency arises,” says Sarpanch Ver Singh, Baikhera.

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