Columbia Asia Hospital, organizes a BLS training session for Kavi Nagar Association members


Columbia Asia Hospital as part of their ‘Good Samaritan initiative, organized a BLS training session in association with Kavinagar association today in their hospital premises.

A total of 30 members took part in the session and were benefitted by the training. The session was conducted by Dr Rahul Ramteke, Consultant Cardiology, Columbia Asia hospital-Ghaziabad. The members were enlightened about the importance of having basic life support training and how crucial it can be in the time of emergencies. The points highlighted were how this training can be life saving in BLS-trainingthe time of illnesses & injuries where each second till the time patient reaches a hospital.

Speaking on the session Dr Rahul Ramteke, Cardiologist, Columbia Asia Hospital said, “Imagine a scenario in any workplace in Ghaziabad where a worker collapses with a sudden cardiac arrest and it is left to the colleagues to take some immediate steps to revive him/her before an ambulance arrives. Hardly anyone amongst us is trained to act in such a situation. Not only is the awareness among common people grossly lacking when it comes to medical emergency response, our behavior is also governed by several myths. For example, we try to immediately pour water in the mouth of a person who has fainted, when this can actually choke the person, rather than revive him/her. This is why basic emergency response training is so important. Hence, we decided to conduct these sessions with local Ghaziabad residents who can be prepared for medical emergencies like these & help save a life,”.

The training session was followed by random blood sugar & blood pressure check.

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