Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon conducts a session with Female Faculty at Northcap University-Gurgaon



  • As more and more women step out of conventional roles in society, they are breaking stereotypes and redefining the meaning of being a woman
  • Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon holds a special talk session with 100 female faculty of Northcap University and guide them about the importance of their health

Women are the integral part of this universe. While they are blessed with the power to give birth to a new life and give love and care to a family, they are also capable enough to lead organizations, political parties and bring about changes in the society. Yet, even as they break new ground every day, they still face multiple challenges in a patriarchal society.Columbia-Female-Faculty

On International Women’s Day, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon reached out to female faculty at Northcap University through a special talk session to educate them about the importance of maintaining their own well-being.

The talk session was held by the hospital Gyneacologist, Rheumetologist and nutritionist who stressed on the need for greater sensitization in the society about the important and selfless roles played by these teachers in shaping up the future of their students and create a better society and future. “Teachers are undoubtedly the important contributors of the society. Throughout their careers, they put the interests of their students above their own, and fulfill the dual responsibility of work and home efficiently. For them their own health often becomes the last priority as they have their professional as well as family responsibilities to deal with together. We believe that they are the real heroes who give in their 100% for nurturing of the future of their students. Women, not only sacrifice their dreams and aspirations for the interest of the family, but also ensure that people around them are loved and cared. Our special talk session is aimed at celebrating womanhood and express gratitude for these teachers who are excelling well in performing the dual responsibility of a knowledge giver and home maker with their undying spirit,” said Dr Amita Shah, Gynecologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon.

The talk session primarily aimed at motivating the women keep contributing to the society in their own different ways, however by keeping their health in mind. The doctors spoke to the women participants about the need to take care of their bodies, maintain a healthy weight and bone health, ensure good levels of physical activity and exercise and advised them to report any anomaly in their bodies immediately to a doctor. They also stressed the importance of regular health screening against breast cancer, and vaccination against cervical cancer.

“A number of factors affect the health of women throughout their lives. Hormonal changes, bone loss, reproductive issues, arthritis are some disorders that affect women. However, steeped in several responsibilities, women often tend to neglect their health. While regular health checks ups are often neglected in India, it is negligible in case of women. They avoid undergoing tests like Pap smear and breast examination as they involve their private parts. Resultantly, both breast and cervical cancer have high incident rate. For women it is highly important to look after their own health all through their lives,” added Honey Tandon, Chief Nutritionist, Columbia Asia Hospital-Gurgaon.

With more than 100 participants, the talk session discussed about the unhesitant efforts made by the women to walk the extra mile to match steps with their male counterparts. Besides, it highlighted the power that a woman beholds, the strength that she possesses and potential she has, not only to raise a family but entire society.

“Women leave no stone unturned to fulfill the demands and pressure. This puts her health at stake. As compared to men, they suffer from arthritis and wear and tear of joints earlier in life. They also suffer from osteoporosis earlier as compared to men. Many women also believe in the myth that men are more prone to heart disease and hypertension. Chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cardiac ailments remained unnoticed in women as they either ignored or delayed the check-ups,” said Dr Shaloo Bhasin, Rheumatologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon.

During the interactive talk sessions, doctors also asked the faculty members to share their inputs and feedback with other women in their life and thank them for their support and care.


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