Practo enters Latin America to simplify healthcare access to offer 2 healthcare solutions


Practo, a leading healthcare platform, has now made its entry into the markets of Latin America. The company has made its maiden foray with its first access to Brazil, the largest market in Latin America and the 5th largest economy in the world.

The company already has significant global footprint in 15 countries and over 50 cities. Currently, it has listed over 200,000 doctors, 10,000 hospitals, 8000 diagnostic and over 4,000 wellness centres globally. It receives over 10 million searches a month across its website and apps.Practo-Latin-America

In Latin America, the company will start with São Paulo, the capital of Brazil to bring in two of its award winning products: Practo Search and Practo Ray to the market. These solutions will be available in Portuguese and English to ensure consumers and healthcare professionals in Brazil can leverage both with ease.

Practo Search enables consumers to search through its verified database of doctors and find the one that’s right for them. Consumers can search using doctor’s name, specialization, symptoms as well as insurance they accept. Once they get results, consumers can click through the Practo Profile for each professional or establishment to read more details including years of experience, qualifications, affiliations and specializations as well as see clinic photos and get GPS co ordinates of location for easy turn-by-turn navigation right from within the Practo App or on the web.

One of the most helpful features of Practo Search is Practo Feedback, where verified consumers can provide feedback about their experience with the healthcare provider. This feedback is visible to other consumers and helps them make better, more informed decisions about who they choose to visit.

The company will enable residents of Sao Paulo with the highest quality database of doctors in the country. Through Practo’s app and website, consumers will be able to search through over 5500+ verified doctors – which covers nearly 50 per cent of all clinics in Sao Paulo.

To make sure the data is reliable, Practo’s own team combs through every street in São Paulo to collect and verify information of healthcare professionals. It verifies and lists doctors for free of cost and does not charge consumers to find/book/receive appointments.

Going forward, Practo will continue to add more doctors on the platform in Sao Paulo itself. In Q2 2016 it plans to expand to Rio de Janeiro and eventually to all large cities in Brazil, said Shashank ND, founder & CEO, Practo.

Practo is also launching Practo Ray which is the cloud based practice management solution for doctors and clinics globally and this will be available at a subscription of 750 BRL (Brazilian Real currency) per month, said Shashank.

In the markets of South East Asia Practo is the market leader. In Singapore it has listed over 6,000 doctors which is around 80 per cent coverage. The company also provides the largest database for doctors in Indonesia accessing over 75 per cent of all clinics across Jakarta DKI. In the Philippines, Practo has over 11,000 doctors across all 17 cities in the Greater Manila area.

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