Healthenablr bullish on building a complete healthcare ecosystem in India


Healthenablr, the first-of-its-kind healthcare start-up, today announced that it has registered a 3000 strong verified doctor network in 2 cities, in less than 4 months. Among the solutions offered, Healthenablr’s poccare is a patient centric mobile app that allows patients to book appointments, do video consultations and free live web chat with both in-house and network doctors.

Additionally, patients can upload and maintain their medical records online at the tap of a button, enabling them to easily share past medical records with Healthenablr’s doctors and care team. The other side of the platform is pocclinic, a cloud based mobile centric application marketed on SAAS basis. This includes proprietary EMR software that enables doctors to manage their practice more easily and effectively, as well as build their brand online. pocclinic is country’s only tele-health platform with an integrated EMR and practice management software.

Based out of Mumbai, Healthenablr was incorporated by Booth School of Business (U.S.A.) graduates, Bamasish Paul and Avishek Mukherjee with a vision to improve accessibility issues within the Indian healthcare system. There are increasing cases where people needed to remotely monitor the health of their dependents. Students studying away from home, working adults caring for aged parents at home, young adults migrating to new cities, etc. In all these cases there is a need for either remote healthcare management or simply looking for easier ways to fit in healthcare into a busy schedule. Healthenablr’s video consultation and medical record management aim to bridge these existing gaps.

Bamasish Paul, the CEO and co-founder, Healthenablr commented, “In our country, there is a dysfunctional market behavior when it comes to the healthcare space. As Telemedicine services have been predicted as the next big thing in India’s healthcare sector, Healthenablr acts as a bridge to provide access to healthcare services and practitioners anytime, anywhere at the tap of a button. As a service platform, we enable patients to zero in on the right healthcare professional, based on ratings, reviews, specialty and so on. We are now working towards providing cost-efficient medical care that is available 24*7 across the country and hopefully across the globe, in the near future.”

Currently operating in Mumbai and Kolkata, the company plans to expand their services to 8 cities, with a network of over 50,000 verified doctors by the end of 2016. While Healthenablr currently offers products and services through its mobile and web application, it has plans to expand into a healthcare marketplace, enabling patients to choose and buy healthcare package from Healthenablr as well as its growing network of affiliate partners. Other plans in the pipeline include tie-ups with hospitals and healthcare chains, remote patient management solutions and wearable healthcare and medical device integration.

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