Kick off diabetes with a Healthy breakfast


If you are a potential diabetic candidate, with diabetes in your genes or suffered from gestational diabetes, the thumb rule to stay healthy for you is to start your day with a plateful of healthy breakfast. This year with World Diabetes Day being themed around ‘starting each day right by having a healthy breakfast’, the focus now is on the Diabetesbreakfast menu.

So what should be part of an ideal breakfast platter? According to  Sherly Ganesh, Nutritionist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield, an ideal breakfast for a diabetic or pre-diabetic patient can contain oats idly, oats upma, dal/methi paratha, egg white omelette, wheat dosa, or moong dal ka cheela. Intake of a little portion of sweet is also perfectly fine during breakfast for diabetic patients.

While breakfast should be an integral part of your day’s schedule, many today have the habit of skipping it. However, skipping meals lead to slow metabolism and weight gain. “For breakfast, a larger meal is better for filling our stomach till lunch as our body will need to remain physically active in the morning.  12 to 15 hours of gap between meals also affects our body, more so for diabetic patients as their sugar-level can drop down,” explained Dr Rajeshwari Janakiraman, Endocrinologist, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur.

To keep our bodies running optimally, we must eat small meals divided for around 4-5 times throughout the day of carefully portioned amounts of 600 calories or less, preferably from whole grains, lean proteins and fibre. “Anything which is healthy and contains starch, protein and fibre along with a cup of milk or milk products and a bowl of fresh vegetables/fruits forms an ideal breakfast platter,” added Dr Janakiraman.

Some quick power breakfast ideas by Sherly Ganesh:

  • Cheese and Egg Wrap
  • Multigrain Bread Pizza
  • Veg Poha
  • Bread Upma
  • Veg and Cottage Cheese Sandwich
  • Banana Honey Smoothie/Strawberry Smoothie.
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