Inertia of Incumbents and Inadequate Vision for Solutions, major Challenges in healthcare


Physician Entrepreneur, Disruptive Innovator, Medical Futurist, Health Rights activist and HealthIT business promoter leading India’s First Healthcare Social Media Agency Dr. Neelesh Bhandari, Cofounder, Healtho5, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Health Technology, shares his thought on today’s mobile healthcare scenario

Please share with us the journey of Healtho5 Solutions, till date?

Healtho5 Solutions was launched in late 2014 to provide technology enabled solutions for healthcare in India. We started with offering consultancy to hospitals and clinics for Hospital information management systems and are coming out with our first healthcare consumer solution: HealthWiz mobile app and web platform: in next 10 days. We will also be releasing our: DoctorWiz mobile app and web platform: in 3 weeks.

We are currently a boot strapped private limited company co-founded by a Team of Software professionals, Physician and Regulatory experts. We have recently met a few investors who have shown interest in our vision.

How you see Indian Healthcare Industry today and in next five years?

Indian healthcare is a 100 billion (give or take) USD unorganized sector in this country. Hospitals currently account for 70% of that amount. The much maligned pharma makes <15% of markets followed by medical equipments/supplies. Laboratories/ Diagnostics and Insurance are the upcoming niches ready to garner a larger share of the market. The revenue pie is actually carved up very un-naturally. The only important stakeholder never considered in this whole market is the consumer, the patient.

Indian healthcare industry is currently facing a number of pulls (regulatory, political, social, technological) and pressures (patients, lawsuits, losing prestige, need to differentiate) forcing it to embrace technology to make healthcare services more patient centric and data based.

I see more power to consumers, use of Smartphone and other low cost mobile devices to provide/access a large number of healthcare services, more data-centricity from healthcare professionals, and electronic medical records/data security gaining importance with a large push from government and regulatory authorities.

Do you think that Indian healthcare is ready to get SMAC-ed?

Yes, Totally J

What are the major trends that you have witnessed in mHealth recently?

  • Rising Patient Centricity
  • Unmet Need for easy healthcare solutions
  • Rising acceptability among all stakeholders

What are the major challenges in initiating these trends?

  • Established business practices
  • Poor design of legacy solutions
  • Better business models


How can technology drive change in national healthcare systems?

Technology can increase accessibility, availability, affordability and quality of healthcare for a large chunk of our vast and geographically distributed population.

Once data collection practices become common, public health can be improved drastically by better allocation of resources and better understanding of healthcare challenges.

How successful are the implementations of technology in healthcare systems?

Successful pilots are almost a norm in Healthcare. Things usually fail when scaled up because of unclear revenue model and sustainability issues. Mobile health technology companies which are consumer centric and provide clear benefits to all stakeholders are generally successful.

What benefits can consumers reap out of technology driven healthcare?

Consumers can expect a more transparent and accessible healthcare delivery system providing better quality of healthcare.

What are the major challenges in implementing the technology in healthcare?

In my opinion, inertia of incumbents and inadequate vision for solutions are the biggest hurdles.







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