Some Baidyanath Products Contain Lead: Health Department


The New York City Health Department has asked city residents to stop using certain Ayurvedic medications made by a leading Indian pharma company, saying the products contain “elevated” levels of lead and mercury making them unsafe for “human consumption.”

It also recommended that New Yorkers “should immediately stop using these products,” and those who have been consuming them should consult with their doctor and consider receiving tests for exposure to lead or other heavy metals.Baidyanath

The department has also asked residents to report to authorities about stores selling the products.

“The New York City Health Department advises New Yorkers to avoid certain Ayurvedic medications made in India by Shree Baidyanath, as they have been found to contain elevated levels of arsenic, lead and mercury,” it said in a statement issued July 24.

The department issued commissioner’s orders to cease sales at neighborhood stores where the products were found.

“Although not all Ayurvedic medications contain dangerous ingredients, lead and other heavy metals may be intentionally added to some of these medications for perceived therapeutic benefits. Ayurvedic medications are generally not tested for safety,” Bureau of Environmental Disease and Injury Prevention Assistant Commissioner Nancy Clark said.

“These products are not safe for human consumption. No one should sell these products, and no one should use them.”

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