B Jain Pharmaceuticals Launches new Medicine to fight Cholesterol


The leading manufacturer and distributor of homeopathic medicines, B Jain Pharmaceuticals have introduced its latest product, Guateria Guameri, a medicine that is known to have beneficial results for B-Jainbringing down cholesterol. The product is available at all leading homeopathic shops across India. The medicine is effective in treating Hyperlipilidemia, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

The study done on gauteria gumeri bark extract published in Journal of Ethopharmacology quotes, “The reduction observed in the hypercholesterolemia patients (who took Guatteria Gaumeri bark extract) corresponded to 17.94 % of the initial values. This can be considered a good therapeutic effect, as the most commonly accepted criterion of the effectiveness of a cholesterol-lowering drug is a decrease of at least 15 percent of the initial values”.

The medicine is rolled out in 30 ml pack size.B Jain Pharmaceuticals, with turnover of over 12 crores, is also a leading exporter of homeopathic medicines. B.Jain exports to more than 18 countries across the globe. B Jain is a leading player in homeopathic sector of India. Being more than 45 years in the market, it caters to a diverse need of the industry; publishing journals, books and magazines.

Nishant Jain, Director of B Jain Pharmaceuticals says, “Our products are gaining ground in the homeopathic Market. Medicines to fight cholesterol have good market viability.​Consistent quality in manufacturing is a reason for our popularity in the market.  An optimistic surge in the industry is evident.”

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